Lapitec® wins the Archiproducts Design Award 2018

The induction hob patent was awarded the ADA (Archiproducts Design Award).
The project is the result of a research work by Lapitec®, developed in collaboration with the University of Padua, which involves the installation of an induction hob directly under the kitchen counter top: a technological innovation that combines great functionality and an extremely clean look, creating cutting-edge kitchens that are comfortable to use.

«This award - comments Gino Sartor, Lapitec® Sales Area Manager - is an important acknowledgement we are proud of because it bears witness to the great research and innovation work on our materialLapitec® full-bodied sintered stone demonstrates features that lend themselves to making a significant contribution in terms of avant-garde for the world of cooking»

The Archiproducts Design Award has arrived in a two-year period in which the company has achieved many other awards. In 2017, in fact, it was awarded the German Design Award, while this year, it won the Plus X Design and Iconic Award, in addition to the Mediastars award for the communication campaign created together with the communication agency Gruppo Icat.