Lapitec® and Vimar working together to create the total touch kitchen worktop

Sicam 2018 was the arena where the combination of Lapitec® and Vimar made its debut. The two companies presented the result of their collaboration exclusively in Pordenone, at the Venetian company stand (Pav.1, stand B29): a touch kitchen worktop made of sintered stone.

Total touch: combining innovation and aesthetics

In detail, Vimar developed three different types of technology application: two on the horizontal worktop, the third on the splash-back. Thanks to this partnership, it will be possible to activate or deactivate lights, blinds or any other electronic device connected to the kitchen by simply touching the touch surface. Therefore, the hi-tech makes it possible to interface the touch kitchen worktop with the home automation system by assigning specific functions to the touch controls. This will allow an even more minimal aesthetic effect in the kitchen, with completely flat and clean surfaces free from plates and switches, able to enhance the large dimensions of the Lapitec® slabs. The minimal approach is, therefore, the concept that ideally unites the entire Lapitec® kitchen, linking digital innovations and aesthetic research, design and innovation.