Lapitec chosen for a hidden oasis near Manhattan

Project Name: Private pool
Location: New York, USA
Material: Bianco Polare Vesuvio, Satin, Lux
Application: interior and exterior pool cladding

The Bianco Polare shade has been used for the coverings in a New York swimming pool, including underwater.

There are secret places near New York where you can find refuge from the bustle of the metropolis. One such example is this swimming pool - tucked away in the basement of one of the most prestigious buildings in Manhattan - where a harmonious space has been created where to stop the clock and recharge ones batteries.

Designed with essential lines and pure geometrical balance, the space is emphasized by artificial lighting and intersected by the effect of the water itself and the wooden wall cladding, which creates a clear contrast with the slabs of Lapitec in the Bianco Polare nuance.

Sintered stone covers almost all of the surfaces in fact, in different textures and formats, embodying the material’s aesthetic qualities and technical features. Large-format slabs of Lapitec Bianco Polare in the Vesuvius finish surround the long rectangular pool and climb the walls; small, rectangular tiles are used on the base of the columns and within the shower area, where Lapitec also supplied the bespoke interior floor plate. The Satin finish was used for the interior of the pool, while the Lux polished version covers the stairs leading to the upper floor, to great luminous effect.

In contact with the water, and also below it, Lapitec expresses its ideal features: due to its composition, which renders the surface free of pores, the sintered stone does not absorb liquids, does not allow mould to form and is non-slip and easy to clean. Lapitec is also resistant to surface damage such as scratches, abrasions or chromatic alterations due to time and intense wear, all fundamental properties for a public space such as a swimming pool.